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Ankle Sprain Specialist

Rapid City Orthopedics

Joseph L Humpherys, D.O.

Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine located in Rapid City, SD

An ankle sprain is an injury experienced by many people. Without expert treatment, the damage a sprain causes can permanently weaken the joint. Fellowship-trained sports medicine expert Joseph Humpherys, DO, at Rapid City Orthopedics, offers innovative treatments and advanced, minimally invasive surgery to fix ankle sprains. Call the Rapid City, South Dakota, office today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online to benefit from his expertise.

Ankle Sprain Q&A

What is an ankle sprain?

An ankle sprain is an injury affecting the ligaments in your ankle. These ligaments connect the bones, stabilizing the joint and enabling you to move it. Sprains happen when you stretch the ligaments too far. In severe cases, the ligaments tear partially or entirely.

Ankle sprains are common injuries. You can sprain your ankle in a fall, by twisting the joint, or if you land awkwardly after a jump. You can also just turn or fold the ankle over when walking to your car.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

Common symptoms of an ankle sprain include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Stiffness

You might have trouble putting weight on your ankle, and a severe tear can prevent you from bearing any amount of weight. An ankle sprain causes symptoms similar to a fracture, so it’s essential to know which you have to get the proper treatment.

An ankle sprain can cause long-term joint instability without expert attention. It’s vital to visit Rapid City Orthopedics for an accurate diagnosis if you have these symptoms.

How is an ankle sprain treated?

Immediate care of an ankle sprain involves resting the joint, applying ice and a compression bandage, and raising your leg. These actions help control swelling and prevent further injury. You can use anti-inflammatory pain medicine if needed. But don’t start using the ankle if you’re masking the pain with drugs because you risk causing more damage.

The ankle sprain treatment Dr. Humpherys recommends will depend on how severe the injury is. A mild sprain should heal with rest and gentle exercises. To keep your weight off the injured ankle, you might need to use a support device like an ankle brace or crutches.

Physical therapy is often needed to recover from a more severe ankle sprain. The tissues might not heal correctly without it, leaving you with a permanently weak ankle. Dr. Humpherys also uses cutting-edge biologics like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) injections to encourage healing.

Would I need surgery for an ankle sprain?

Most ankle sprains respond well to nonsurgical treatments. But if they don’t, or you have a more severe injury like a ligament rupture, surgery will be necessary.

Dr. Humpherys specializes in using the most advanced techniques when doing ankle surgery. He might need to perform a Broström procedure. This surgery repairs and tightens the ankle ligaments to correct ankle instability.

To get expert diagnosis and treatment of your ankle sprain, call Rapid City Orthopedics today or book an appointment online.